Reflex Covered Split Toe Booties 3MM

Price: $82.95
Developed in the frigid waters of Santa Cruz, Hotline's 3mm surf booties are designed to maximize board control while minimizing heat loss. Hotline's innovative Covered Split Toe provides the dexterity of a split toe bootie with the protection of a round toe.  Offering the most durable sole on the market, our boots have the highest level of protection on reefs and rough terrain.  Hotline keeps you safe, warm, and in the water longer!
  • Internal Split Toe and Super Comfortable Fit
  • Velcro straps across foot and ankle
  • Tatex Seal
  • Heat Reflective Metalite Glue
  • Durable Rubber Reinforcements
  • Wide Base & Foxing Stabilizers
* Fitting true to size.  No half sizes available.  We suggest staying in the same boot size for half sizes but it's personal preference.
** Color may vary from picture


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