Do you make suits in the USA?  Custom color?  Custom pattern?
Yes, we build Hotline wetsuits in our U.S. factory and you can add color neoprene to your USA made suit. We are not taking full custom pattern orders at this time, however, we can do minor alterations such as lengthening / shortening limbs. Please give us a call or email for a quote and color availability:  831-425-5924 or [email protected].  

What if you are out of my size?
 If we are out of stock on a standard size full wetsuit, we will make the suit (all black) in our U.S. factory at the REGULAR retail price.  Sale prices do not apply to U.S. Factory made wetsuits.

What is the difference between the Reflex 5/4m & UHC 5/4m?
The Reflex 5/4m hooded suit features:
  • All super stretch neoprene for maximum flexibility & performance
  • Fly zipper chest entry
  • Plush thermal lining chest & back for extra warmth and cushion
  • Glued, stitched, and hand-taped seams throughout
The UHC 5/4 hooded suit  is our warmest suit and features:
  • Combination super stretch neoprene and nylon blend neoprene with an additional inner flap in the entry 
  • Full shoulder-to-shoulder zipper provides large opening for quick entry/exit
  • Nylon blend neoprene on chest, back, wrists, and ankles which is denser fabric for added warmth in key areas
  • Glued, stitched, and hand-taped seams throughout
How do I take care of my wetsuit 
  • After each use, rinse with fresh water.  Hang dry
  • Store wetsuit & boots in a cool, dry place
  • Never leave in direct sunlight or extreme heat
  • Avoid peeing in your suit as it deteriorates neoprene
  • Avoid abrasive surfaces like concrete and velcro
  • Never dry your suit in the clothes dryer
Where is the key pocket?
The detachable key chain is located in the zipper entry panel of the adult Reflex, UHC, and Men's GT full wetsuits.  The Women's Back Zip has a key pocket in the lower leg panel.

What is your RETURN policy?
Thank you for shopping with Hotline Wetsuits.  We take great pride in our reputation for quality and excellent value.   It is important to us that you are completely satisfied with your purchase.  If for any reason you do not love your selections, we will issue a refund for the value of the merchandise or exchange your items within 30 days of purchase. Original shipping and handling fees are not refundable.  Offers are subject to adjustment due to returns, cancellations, and exchanges.  To be eligible for return, a copy of your original receipt must be included and merchandise must not have been worn in the water. 
Ship to:
Hotline Wetsuits
Attn:  Return / Repair Dept.
509B Swift Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

What is the WARRANTY on wetsuits, booties, & leashes?
ALL REFLEX WETSUITS - Lifetime Warranty on stitching (for the life of the suit) and 1 year Limited Warranty on materials and seal.  
MENS GT & WOMENS BZ WETSUITS - 6 month warranty on materials and seam seal.
BOOTIES- 3 month warranty on workmanship.  This warranty does not cover materials or normal wear and tear.
SURF LEASHES - 12 month warranty on workmanship and against defective materials.  This warranty does not cover accidental damage, improper handling or fin cuts.

Hotline will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, your product if found under normal use and proper care, to be defective. The decision to replace or repair a product is made by the Hotline Warranty Department after receipt of the defective product. SUITS WITHOUT A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL RECEIPT WILL NOT BE COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.

The following will not be Covered Under Warranty:
- Alterations
- Fading from sunlight
- Products classified as seconds
- Materials over 1 year from date of original purchase
- Warranty request without original receipt
- Repairs or alterations done by anyone other than Hotline Wetsuits.

Please include a copy of your receipt and note requested repairs.  You may also chalk mark the suit to better identify the problem areas.

Ship to:
Hotline Wetsuits
Attn:  Return / Repair Dept.
509B Swift Street
Santa Cruz, CA  95060

What is your REPAIR policy?

Repairs are to be shipped/dropped off CLEAN and DRY. There is will be a $10 fee if not sent clean and dry. Please include your name and a daytime phone number with area code, return address, email, product description, and requested action – you can ask for a repair quote. Repairs have a two (2) week turnaround.

Send the suit with this information to:

Hotline Wetsuits

Attn: Repair Department
509B Swift Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Donations or Resale: Hotline Wetsuits reserves the right to donate or resale any wetsuit that has not been claimed. We will donate or resale any wetsuit that remains unclaimed after ninety (90) calendar days from completion date.




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