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Doc's Proplugs

Doc's Proplugs are preformed earplugs made of Dynaflex, a soft hypoallergenic plastic.  Proplugs are latex free, reuseable, and become even more flexible and form fitted when warmed by the temperature of your ear.   Doc's Proplugs prevents SURFER'S EAR (exostosis) by fitting in the auricle without obstructing the ear canal to ensure ear protection, safety, and prevent long term hearing loss.   Also effective helping with ear complications such as ear infections, ruptured eardrums,  and noise induced hearing loss. These complications are shared by water enthusiasts, extreme water sport athletes, scuba divers, musicians & concert-goers,  tradesmen, motor sports enthusiasts & participants, air traffic controllers, water rescuers, law enforcement, military, and skydivers.